Several Ways to Incorporate Pet Items into Your Home Décor


Dogs and cats enrich our lives in so many ways, bringing companionship, joy, and humor along with their wagging tails and content purrs. But sometimes our pets’ accessory items leave little to be desired when it comes to size, space, and style. Here are some creative ideas for incorporating dog and cat bowls, beds, and more into your home décor.


  • Not everyone has the luxury, budget, or space to include a special area for the family pet during a remodel or new construction, but if you do, you might consider one of these ideas.
  • Adding a pet food area directly into the base of kitchen counters is a creative way to make an easy access food station for pets.
  • Incorporating a built in pet bed into laundry room cabinets is another creative possibility.
  • A nook at the end of an island is the perfect place to house your dog’s food and water bowls out of busy kitchen traffic. (Note elevated bowls aren’t appropriate for all dogs, so set yours on the floor if your vet so advises.)
  • Speaking of pet food, we love this smart built-in bin for storing pet food.
  • A kitchen island hideaway where your dog can be in the room but not underfoot.
  • Your pup will like being near you but in his or her own space in this out-of-the-way window seat bed.
  • Make use of wasted space under stairs by converting into a dedicated pet space like this adorable dog house.


  • Repurposing or reworking an existing area or piece of furniture is likely a more doable option for most families. Here are some interesting ways to create dedicated spaces for your dog or cat in your home.
  • This kennel transforms an everyday dog crate into a pretty piece of furniture.
  • A pleated fabric skirt attached to the underside of this bedside table with hook-and-loop tape hides a dog crate beautifully.
  • With some inexpensive materials and basic DIY skills, you can make this contemporary end table/pet bed.
  • Repurpose a small dresser into a nightstand with storage for you and a cozy sleeping area for your pet.
  • If your pet sleeps in your bedroom with you, this bedside table gives him or her a pretty place to doze beside you.
  • How adorable is this striped teepee pet bed? (You can purchase this teepee or make your own with this easy tutorial!)
  • Recycle a wooden crate or box into a raised feeding station, if that’s healthy for your dog, with this tutorial.
  • Repurpose child-size chairs into cute food and water bowl stands. (Again, if that’s appropriate for your pup.)
  • Outside, tuck your pup’s food and water bowls into pretty pots or planters.

Showing Off

  • Pet accessory designers have unleashed their creativity with these beds, bowls, and more. You won’t want to hide these away!
  • Make your furry friend his or her own warm and cozy fleece pouf with this easy tutorial.
  • Both you and your pet can make use of this clever double-duty ottoman.
  • Fun as well as functional, this felted wool cat bed will be a conversation piece as well as a favorite napping spot for your feline.
  • Some dog and cat accessories are pretty and don’t need to be tucked away out of sight. Others are more utilitarian and can use a little help in the style department. But with some creativity, you can incorporate your dog’s or cat’s beds, bowls, crates, and more into your décor.
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